What was the Shadow Council?

Hello my friend welcome have a seat and take a rest. I understand you are investigating something I am most impressed that you have dug my name out of the scrap pile. So you want to know about the Shadow Council?

Ah well you aren’t the first to come knocking and you are most likely not going to be the last. Let me just take another sip of my delicious old blue tea before we get started. Ahh.. There we go mmm.

Let me start with something basic here you see there is something we need to get defined before we can start on about what the Shadow Council was. What I am thinking about is something called planes by the experts now this is a huge topic in and of itself so I will boil it down.

You and me we are mortals made of decaying coils living in this physcial world you can see and feel. Beyond your sight and senses lies a multitude of other … lets call them worlds.. Some worlds are like ours others are different in tiny ways and some yet in even more radical ways. We shall refer to all of them in one container as planes of existance.

Now if there are mortals then logic follows that there must be someone who are immortals as light cannot exist without darkness such is the same with mortal and immortal. Among immortals are something slightly more we define such beings in our world as gods it is a narrow term but will suffice for this conversation.

Now gods are anchored in a certain plane of existance and when it travels yes it.. Gods maybe percieved as he or she but ultimately they can be either or neither as they choose it’s powers vane slightly and the further it travels from it’s anchor plane the weaker it gets.

You might wonder how all of this is relevant well I will tell you right now are you listening?

The Shadow Council was a group of deities that figured out how to remove this limitation!

Can you imagine nay fathom how this could affect planar.. Even divine politics?! Oh yes rest assured they meddle peddle and deal as much as us mortals theirs are just bigger games with bigger stakes.

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