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it’s over 1000!!

Today is a great day for Tiny Gork, i just discovered that the total amount of Tiny Gork downloads @ DrivethruRPG has hit the 1000 marker! I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who takes an interrest in Tiny Gorks products. I hope to share many more stories with you that you can turn into your own versions. Sincerely Michael Tiny Gork

The Future of Tiny Gork’s Tinkering Room

I want to talk abit about what ambitions i have for the future of TinyGork. I want to create content for table RPG gamemasters, content that can be fitted into any World, any setting, any rule system. We are talking adventures, dungeons, loot, npc’s, organisations, factions, but in a way that YOU the gamemaster will put your personal touch on the stats. I want to focus on story and descriptions and leave the mechanics up to you, i won’t rule out that some system specifics will turn up in the…

TinyGork who ?

Been tinkering with how to best let you know who I am, what i am about and why this site has been created. In the page About Gork you can read abit about who i am and why i created this site and what i hope to accomplish with it. The story of the shadow council contains a short version of the background for what i will be tinkering with.