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New Gork Stuff – Sketches#1

Hola. Yet another Tiny Gork product has seen the light of day! I have just released Tiny Gork Sketches #1 and for the first 30 days it’s only $3! After that it’s $5 and my loyal Gorks on the newsletter even got a better discount than the $3 😉 I hope people will find a use for these sketches/drawings, they served me as a player and game master and I hope they will serve others in the future. I have more sketches and drawings I wish to share in future…

it’s over 1000!!

Today is a great day for Tiny Gork, i just discovered that the total amount of Tiny Gork downloads @ DrivethruRPG has hit the 1000 marker! I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who takes an interrest in Tiny Gorks products. I hope to share many more stories with you that you can turn into your own versions. Sincerely Michael Tiny Gork

New Tiny Gork releases on DrivethruRPG.com

Hola, this is a short service announcement 😉 My first release on DrivethruRPG.com was in October 2013, it was the essential shadow council origin bundled with time Hunters sourcebook. I have chosen to split them up as well, so each has its seperate listing on drivethrurpg.com. This was mainly for future bundle oppertunities with new products, makes it easier. I also released the may month of warlocks journal – Time Beast. For a full list of Tiny Gork products on drivethruRPG.com -> Click Here Gork ya later!

New release on Drivethrurpg by Tiny Gork

Greetings! We recently closed the Warlocks Journal contest of May 2014. I have released the previous Tiny Gork host of the Warlocks Journal of December 2013 – Woman in ice on Drivethrurpg.com. The PDF contains all the entries submitted for the December contest and is FREE. drivethru link: http://bit.ly/1hymxA2 May contest – Time Beast will follow soon, so keep an eye out 😉 gork ya later!

The Essential Shadow Council Origins Part #2

I finally dusted off the Shadow Council Origins story im writing, which is supposed to be my core product on which im going to build others. Another two monologues from Tiny Gork is now ready to be released as yet another FreeG. Is currently awaiting activation acceptance from DrvThruRPG staff. This will be the second book in the series, which are aimed to introduce the story setting without going into details. The fully fleshed story setting is still being written up, so until that is done i hope you will…

1,2,3 GO! Release Party!

Hi all! I’m so excited! Today is the release day of my first two FreeG products ever created, it feels good having a mark like this in the calender! You can download both for FREE right here: The Essential Shadow Council origin part #1 Time Hunters So grab a copy, read and use as you like! I would very much like to hear how you: used it, expanded upon it, tweaked it, shared it, didn’t use it and why. have a look at my contact page to see all the…