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Demonwars in Corona ~ Interview with Bryan Salvatore & R.A. Salvatore

DEMONWARS:REFORMATION & CORONA I am super excited because in addition to this being my first interview ever, I am also a big fan. My book shelves is adorned by 45 books, which i began reading 20 years ago (give or take), that bears the name Salvatore. So i am very happy that none other than Bob Salvatore (RAS), the author of one of the world’s most popular elves, and his son, Demonwars: Reformation’s lead game designer Bryan Salvatore [BGS] took the time to answer my questions about Corona and Demonwars:Reformation….

Exciting news! – Interview tomorrow

Greetings ! Tomorrow you can read a 19 question, 3900 words long interview with Mr. R.A. Salvatore and Bryan G. Salvatore about the world of Corona and the new up comming RPG System Demonwars:Reformation. This is the culmination of the 3 article review i have done about the Demonwars:Reformation playtest rules. you can read all the article in this category: Demonwars. Gork ya later!

Demonwars #3 – 3,2,1 FIGHT!

Greetings and welcome back to my column on the upcomming Demonwars:Reformations playtest pdf package. In my two previous articles Demonwars#1Monks, Demonwars#2Magic i took a look at how monks and the magic system appears and now it is time to take a look at how the fighting functions. So let us get started, because this one is abit lengthy. Get ready! Dice n slice The Demonwars RPG uses d100 primarily. Roll for initiative A good ol’ friend of the family, this uncle has managed to sneak into the barbeque party in…

Demonwars #2 – Gemstone Magic

Greetings, Once Again i dive into the playtest pdf from DemonwarsRPG, the RPG system set in R.A.Salvatore’s fantasy World setting: Corona. I started with looking at what made the World special to me in his books set in this particularly fantasy World, see my earlier post. Gemstone Magic In the world of Corona, the only known magic is the magic of the ring stones. The Ringstones are gemstones harvested from a remote island where they fall from the sky each 7th generation. As a primary rule only the monks of…

Demonwars #1 – Abellican Monks

Today i’ll divert from my Tiny Gork productions and talk alittle about the playtest package i received due to backing a new RPG system on kickstarter based upon R.A.Salvatore’s World of Corona. I have loved the World of Corona ever since i read the very first book set in this World. I’d like to explain what it is about Corona that so enraptured me and then im going to go over the note worthy content of the playtest pdf spread out over a few blog posts, everything is easier in…

Demonwars: Playtest Packet

A quick unrelated information: I kickstarted R.A.Salvatore’s Demonwars Reformation project because ever since i read the first of his novels set in that World i have loved the World of Corona and especially it’s focus on the abellican monk order and their gemstone magic. But it’s also more than that, the elves are different than your normal DnD elves, they are more lithe and faerie like and hide away and train human rangers in secret. So when the project of creating a game system for that World came up on…