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New Release- BootCamp product – Galens Gamble Adventure

Hola! It’s my great pleasure to announce that my Bootcamp project Galens Gamble is now released on Drivethrustuff -> Buy Galens Gamble My newsletter subscribers have had a little week’s headstart with a discount, but now it’s ready for you too! Galens Gamble is the product of the Bootcamp course i took part in, building a RPG book from no idea to release. Normally the course instructs this over 30 days, I took little over a year, however I did all the artwork myself, as well as editing and typography….

Gork people #2 – The Assassin ‘Black Star’

Black Star The facade Her story is no secret, she often shares many anecdotes from her travels. Where alot of mercenaries favors keeping an air of mystery about them, Black Star is very open mouthed. True or false, nobody really knows, though there is one thing she is tightlipped about. She has never revealed her real name, the only identity anyone knows about her is Black Star. The name Black Star is known and feared as a cold and cynical assassin, the underworld is full of stories and rumours about…