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Warlock’s Journal Winner!

The winner of the 35th Warlock’s Journal is…… Clark Timmins! Read Clarks winning entry below. Lavandula A curious plant life form that is comprised of densly packed whorls of leaves and petals, holding small spikes that rise above the foliage, making contact with the creature painful and potentially harmful. The creatures are very aromatic and typically are covered with bees and other pollinating species of insect. They derive from a “mother” plant (a quite large but otherwise nondescript shrub) that is traditionally rooted (preferring well-drained, sandy soils) but which creates…

Warlock’s Journal #35 – Who am I ?

The 35th Warlock’s Journal is upon us here at Tiny Gork. This time it’s gonna be another picture, a “who am I?” contest. I love those picture contests, almost as much as i enjoyed that little word play we had here last time Tiny Gork hosted. You now have the chance to create a monster, villain or any other kind of NPC! But it can be anything you fancy! The winner will be chosen by me and an annonymous council of mysterious outsider judges, this council is in total three…

Warlocks Journal – January 2017

The January Warlock Journal As GMs it can be tricky sometimes to come up with stuff, be it a location, magic item, npc, weapons, monsters, background story etc.. The Warlocks Journal this time emulates one of the methods to overcome these tricky dry spells. lexicon dragonscale freebooter Seek inspiration in the three words above, let them take you places, let them create new places, people and items of power in your imagination. This time anything goes, you can submit any and everything for the Warlocks Journal. Well that is to…

Winner of the 27th Warlocks Journal

Time is upon us, i have recieved and compiled the submissions for the 27th Warlocks Journal contest. I have also chosen which is the winner who wins the prize: Lost Pages Bundle The winner had the guile to butter me up by using and referencing Background lore from my blog post about the Nel’dratha Dragons, i confess it most likely worked. But the deviousness of the ‘why’ behind the hiding place of the TRUE NAME spoke to me, not so much the hiding place itself but the reasoning for it,…

Warlock’s Journal #27 May 2016 – True Names

Warlock’s Journal May contest We are once again visited by the Warlock’s Journal, the travelling book of wonderous knowledge. This time the Warlock’s Journal is focused on very specific and mysterious topic, True Names! It is known, that throughout the ages, the eons and the multiverse there has always been one universal truth which seems to have unparallelled powers of domnation, the True Name! But the Journal is apparently focussing it’s attention on a specific example in history where a beings true name was discovered and used to subdue and…

Warlocks Journal #15 – Design a Dungeon Room

The Warlocks Journal has now appeared at Soulguardianpub.com and this time it is collecting dungeon rooms, it appears it is trying to find as many dungeon rooms with challenges to overcome as possible. Entries should follow the following format Name of the Room Description Challenge Other Important Information (optional) Details of the contest This are the specific details for the contest. Deadline: 26 December 2014, 12AM PST Submission: info@soulguardianpub.com subject: Warlock’s Journal, format rtf, doc, txt. Up to three submissions per participant. Prize: $15 DriveThru store credit for the winner…

Winner of the Warlocks Journal #14

Greetings all! November month was the month of the #14 Warlocks Journal contest and it was hosted here at Tinygork.com. For some reason, it could be timing, there was only one submission this time around. Maybe it was the challenge that was uninspirering or too difficult ? What could I improve to get you to write an entry submission for a future contest? 🙂 However, winner by default was Phil Nichols. The Last Breath, 3rd fragment of the Sepharil The third Sepharil fragment is now known as The Last Breath….

Warlocks Journal June voting

The June contest is already closed for submissions! Alas, my weekend went by too fast and i even came down with illness so i completely forgot to submit my two deities! But you can now vote for those who remembered to submit. So grab your voting hat 🙂 Soulguardian publishing – Warlocks Journal voting I did write up two deities for the contest and i sent them to Soulguardian Publishing for the final PDF compilation, but they will not be a part of the voting, so no win for me…

Warlocks Journal – June

Evening! I am tinkering with a new deity, for the June contest of Warlocks Journal. It is hosted by a newcomer, Soulguardian Publishing. Here’s a quote: “This month the challenge is to design a deity in 500 words or less. But there is a twist: you have to explain how time has changed this deity: maybe its has become more and more powerful, or maybe it is now dead and forgotten. Maybe its has married another deity, or maybe its children have been killed. Whatever it is, this twist has…

New release on Drivethrurpg by Tiny Gork

Greetings! We recently closed the Warlocks Journal contest of May 2014. I have released the previous Tiny Gork host of the Warlocks Journal of December 2013 – Woman in ice on Drivethrurpg.com. The PDF contains all the entries submitted for the December contest and is FREE. drivethru link: http://bit.ly/1hymxA2 May contest – Time Beast will follow soon, so keep an eye out 😉 gork ya later!

We have a Winner!

Results are in. The Warlocks Journal contest may 2014 has a definitive Winner. Thank you to everyone who read the entries and voted for their favorite and thanks to all who chose to participate. I enjoyed all the entries, the creativity and imagination that went into designing these beasts. I tried to set a narrow scope and focus for this contest as i often find myself that too wide scope presents me with too many options and i tend to stagnate in the process of choosing one of those. It…

Warlock Voting!

Salutations fellow journal students. I have finished a small stack of documents with the interresting entries that I was able to procure from the Journal before it vanished once more. Handle these documents with care, they contain great secrets! Time Beast voting – May 2014 PDF vote here

Submission closed

The Warlocks Journal has been closed and no further entries can be made, now we wait for Tiny Gork to sort the entries and present them to our voting process. A small hurdle showed up spontaneously as I got the oppertunity to go to see Xmen future past 1 day before the regular premier ! So I expect the voting pdf to be ready before the weekend if all goes well 🙂 These are some real imaginative entries, it is exciting to see what people take away from such a…

Closing of the pages!

We are now counting the hours till the journal slams shut it pages once again to travel across the multiverse to another host. The entries recieved so far are full of imagination and very alternative, it’s a treat to recieve such creativity in the mail! I am excited to see what other creative thoughts my Little contest have provoked out there. There’s still time! write it, send it, win it! 😉 Gork ya later!

The End is Near!

Tomorrow 20th of May is the last day to submit YOUR time beast! Monster creation is not the easiest thing in the World and i know from personal experience that creating without stats for others to use does not make it any easier! That is why i did my best to narrow the scope, aid focus along with being able to provide some background inspiration via the Time Hunters. I am looking forward to see what kind of creations was inspired this time! Gork ya later!

Warlocks Journal Contest – Beast of Time – May 2014

The strange and mysterious wandering journal of a long forgotten warlock has once more found its way to the tinkering room of Tiny Gork. This time the journal reveals to us the nature of a very destictive beast, a beast born of the time flow. The beast is particularly feared and respected by the time hunters who frequently travels the time flow in hunt of time meddlers. Only a few hunters have ever faced this beast and lived to tell about it, only one of them killed it. Contest: Your…

Warlocks Journal – May Prize announcement

Awesome news! The winning prize for the coming Warlocks Journal Contest – May has been generously sponsored by d20pfsrd.com. “The d20pfsrd.com store has the lowest commission charge for publishers then any other online store. This means when you purchase from them, more money goes into the publisher’s pocket! Increasing our support for ultimately the writers and artists is what Open Gaming is all about, and we stand behind that 200%!” D20pfsrd has sponsored a 100% gift coupon for any d20pfsrd publishing product to be won in the coming Warlocks Journal…

Warlocks Journal contest returns

During the month of May TinyGork.com will yet again host a round of the site hopping Warlocks Journal Contest. This time the contest will relate to the organisation, known as Time Hunters. You can read more about Time Hunters in the FreeG pdf book by Tiny Gork, see the links below: Drivethru link Tinygork.com link So keep your eyes open for more info in the coming days 🙂 Gork ya later!

Results of the Warlocks Journal Contest

Happy New Year! I hope you all made it safely and happily into 2014, with a great new years evening feast! I am announcing the winner of the Warlocks Journal Contest December – Woman in ice, today, to kickstart the new year here on Tiny Gork. We had three great entries with some great imagination, thanks to all participants and voters! so here we go… the winner of the 3rd Warlocks Journal is *Drumroll*… Phil Nichols! Entry #1: The Ice Fey The Ice Fey are the followers of the renegade…

Warlocks Journal Contest – December: Woman in ice

Hola! Our third installment of the Warlocks Journal contest is now closed for entries. The entries have been collected in a PDF for perusal so that you may cast your vote on the entry you like most. PFD link: Entries Doc Voting takes place in a survery monkey questionaire: Voting Voting is open until 30th of Dec. Winner gets his own playercharacter featured in a future Tiny Gork product. May the best story win! Gork ya later!

The Warlocks wandering Journal Contest – Woman in Ice

Come one come all! Hear ye hear ye! Gather round! The Warlocks Journal has appeared in Tiny Gorks workshop, just lying there all of a sudden on a shelf. Its pages had opened up on an interresting entry, a picture. here is what we know about the Journal. The Warlock’s Journal is an interdimensional book that teleports from place to place, recording knowledge in whatever location it finds itself. The places it goes may be widely separated in time and space and even be in different dimensions or alternate realities….