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I name thee thy True Name!

Hola! It’s been awhile since i’ve been active, apart from Warlock’s Journal i’ve been keeping busy with warhammer40k. I co-hosted an event that went off awesomely! So now i am re-aquainting myself with my writing on the Shadow Council and i am currently trying to research the topic of True Names. The proxies of the Shadow Council set out to discover the True Name of a great entity and i wanted to not fall into too much of a cliché even though a true name is very much so. So…

Random Dark Secret Generator – still brainstorming

There would be no light without the darkness I have written on this random generator idea earlier (Here) and I’m still kicking ideas around on paper. Yesterday I came upwith 14 new entries for the first two tables of the generator. I am also debating with myself if I even need the Third table “What happened to put you straight?” as I am unsure if it is even within the theme of the generator. +James Etheridge commented in G+ and some of that made me think that perhaps there are…

Bootcamp Project – onto the battlefield of typography!

Typography & Scribus Finally deciding that i’m done editing and re-writing, the project has now moved onto design/layout/typography. So I have tried to educate myself abit on those topics, a really good place for me to start was MB’s practical typography webbook Butterick’s Practical Typography and i also purchased a used copy of the Non-designers design book. All alongside learning to use the Scribus software. So i’m now knee deep in laying out Galens Gamble in Scribustrying to apply all the rules of typography i can remember. It has taken…

Bootcamp – Galens Gamble

The end is fast approaching! I have seen Tiny Gork being deep in his work on the next book, the bootcamp project that was to result in a product is finally about to reach its destination. From what i can gather of my talks and sneakpeaks over his shoulder, Tiny Gork has researched an event concerning a mercenary band led by a man named Galen. Tiny Gork is calling it “Galens Gamble” and it’s about a band of adventurers that stood up to Galen and his mercenaries in a moment…

Warlocks Journal June voting

The June contest is already closed for submissions! Alas, my weekend went by too fast and i even came down with illness so i completely forgot to submit my two deities! But you can now vote for those who remembered to submit. So grab your voting hat 🙂 Soulguardian publishing – Warlocks Journal voting I did write up two deities for the contest and i sent them to Soulguardian Publishing for the final PDF compilation, but they will not be a part of the voting, so no win for me…

it’s over 1000!!

Today is a great day for Tiny Gork, i just discovered that the total amount of Tiny Gork downloads @ DrivethruRPG has hit the 1000 marker! I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who takes an interrest in Tiny Gorks products. I hope to share many more stories with you that you can turn into your own versions. Sincerely Michael Tiny Gork

New Tiny Gork releases on DrivethruRPG.com

Hola, this is a short service announcement 😉 My first release on DrivethruRPG.com was in October 2013, it was the essential shadow council origin bundled with time Hunters sourcebook. I have chosen to split them up as well, so each has its seperate listing on drivethrurpg.com. This was mainly for future bundle oppertunities with new products, makes it easier. I also released the may month of warlocks journal – Time Beast. For a full list of Tiny Gork products on drivethruRPG.com -> Click Here Gork ya later!

We have a Winner!

Results are in. The Warlocks Journal contest may 2014 has a definitive Winner. Thank you to everyone who read the entries and voted for their favorite and thanks to all who chose to participate. I enjoyed all the entries, the creativity and imagination that went into designing these beasts. I tried to set a narrow scope and focus for this contest as i often find myself that too wide scope presents me with too many options and i tend to stagnate in the process of choosing one of those. It…

Warlock Voting!

Salutations fellow journal students. I have finished a small stack of documents with the interresting entries that I was able to procure from the Journal before it vanished once more. Handle these documents with care, they contain great secrets! Time Beast voting – May 2014 PDF vote here

Submission closed

The Warlocks Journal has been closed and no further entries can be made, now we wait for Tiny Gork to sort the entries and present them to our voting process. A small hurdle showed up spontaneously as I got the oppertunity to go to see Xmen future past 1 day before the regular premier ! So I expect the voting pdf to be ready before the weekend if all goes well 🙂 These are some real imaginative entries, it is exciting to see what people take away from such a…

Closing of the pages!

We are now counting the hours till the journal slams shut it pages once again to travel across the multiverse to another host. The entries recieved so far are full of imagination and very alternative, it’s a treat to recieve such creativity in the mail! I am excited to see what other creative thoughts my Little contest have provoked out there. There’s still time! write it, send it, win it! 😉 Gork ya later!

The End is Near!

Tomorrow 20th of May is the last day to submit YOUR time beast! Monster creation is not the easiest thing in the World and i know from personal experience that creating without stats for others to use does not make it any easier! That is why i did my best to narrow the scope, aid focus along with being able to provide some background inspiration via the Time Hunters. I am looking forward to see what kind of creations was inspired this time! Gork ya later!

Bootcamp #6

Grinding my editing So now i think i know what John Four means when he talks about grinds, however he used the term in the period where you write and create. My true grind experience has been in the editing phase of my bootcamp project: Galens Gamble a systemless adventure. According to the plan i should have released this adventure about 2 or 3 months ago, but the editing shifted gear on my motivation, inspiration and momentum. While nothing ever really came to a complete halt, things were going very…

Results of the Warlocks Journal Contest

Happy New Year! I hope you all made it safely and happily into 2014, with a great new years evening feast! I am announcing the winner of the Warlocks Journal Contest December – Woman in ice, today, to kickstart the new year here on Tiny Gork. We had three great entries with some great imagination, thanks to all participants and voters! so here we go… the winner of the 3rd Warlocks Journal is *Drumroll*… Phil Nichols! Entry #1: The Ice Fey The Ice Fey are the followers of the renegade…

Warlocks Journal Contest – December: Woman in ice

Hola! Our third installment of the Warlocks Journal contest is now closed for entries. The entries have been collected in a PDF for perusal so that you may cast your vote on the entry you like most. PFD link: Entries Doc Voting takes place in a survery monkey questionaire: Voting Voting is open until 30th of Dec. Winner gets his own playercharacter featured in a future Tiny Gork product. May the best story win! Gork ya later!

Bootcamp #5 – More editing and editing more

Hola! So i thought it was time for an update on the BootCamp Project. It has been awhile since i last wrote about it, the reason for that is that it is going very slow. As I have mentioned, i came through the writing grind and started editing and this turned out the be the true grind for me. Ontop of regular editing, rooting out bad spelling, bad grammar, fixing sentence structures, deleting filler, i found that my beginning was all wrong and bland. I had a start for the…

Fiddling with Time

Hello there! I just wanted to poke my head out and let ya know wutz wot. I have been fiddling with time, not just me own time nah, working out how time is perceived by Time Lords, Nemesis and how to present all this time hopping about to you readers. It aint the most easiest of tricky Things i have tinkering with but i did find a new toy that could help abit. Now i want to say one thing about this Tool, ’tis not created to Work with other…

Time Hunters

Exciting news! I have just decided that i want to give you MORE in the upcomming FreeG ebook “Essential Shadow Council origins part #1”! I am currently working up the organisation called “Time Hunters” and you will get it together with the first ever book from Tiny Gork. I wanted to give you something you could use in your own game or in a game that uses my story about the Shadow Council. The organisation will be created systemless as well as the prestige class/profession that comes along with it….

Work Work

This week has been most exciting for me, i am in the final stages of making the first Tiny Gork product. Right now it’s going through as much feedback as possible to ensure that you get the best out of the material. I have sent out the 6th draft beta version to newsletter subscribers, because me and Tiny Gork just love subscribers 😉 “what?”, “yes Gork the signup link is over to the right” The best thing about this product is that when it is released it’s FREE! I call…

What was the Shadow Council?

Hello my friend, welcome, have a seat and take a rest. I understand you are investigating something, I am most impressed that you have dug my name out of the scrap pile. So you want to know about the Shadow Council? Ah well, you aren’t the first to come knocking and you are most likely not going to be the last. Let me just take another sip of my delicious old blue tea before we get started. Ahh.. There we go, mmm. Let me start with something basic here, you…

TinyGork who ?

Been tinkering with how to best let you know who I am, what i am about and why this site has been created. In the page About Gork you can read abit about who i am and why i created this site and what i hope to accomplish with it. The story of the shadow council contains a short version of the background for what i will be tinkering with.