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Layout change on the blog

Just a quick note, you may notice that the blog layout has changed slightly. It now shows the full posts instead of excerpts, just because i want to try something new. I would like to hear your thoughts on this change, feel free to comment 🙂

Site tweaking

Hola! I have added a page to the top menu that serves a simple purpose, showing off Tiny Gork’s twitter timeline 🙂 The Bootcamp page was moved into the products submenu. Speaking of tweet tweet, check out the last one there is a link for a 2 page sneak peak of Galens Gamble the next Tiny Gork release! Gork ya later!

Contact form Removed

Hola! Due to massive spam on the contact form that sends me an email, i have deemed it neccesary to remove the form from my contact page. There are still other ways to contact me listed on the contact page. Why someone would want to use an email contact form to send me more than obvious spam mails that no intelligble creature would ever use is beyond me. Some are litterally just a long list of url’s or random comments trying to push an url. I suppose it’s a comment…

Tweaking the tinkershop

hola! I’ve been tinkering with the site, the top menu now has a products page which has the various shadow council menus nested under it. On the products page i have listed all products by Tiny Gork. Some are released, schedueled to be released and some are still nothing more than a product idea. As things Progress some of my ideas dont fit strictly under the shadow council setting but can stand on their own or are completely unrelated, so a specific products page felt obvious. It also dawned on…

New release on Drivethrurpg by Tiny Gork

Greetings! We recently closed the Warlocks Journal contest of May 2014. I have released the previous Tiny Gork host of the Warlocks Journal of December 2013 – Woman in ice on Drivethrurpg.com. The PDF contains all the entries submitted for the December contest and is FREE. drivethru link: http://bit.ly/1hymxA2 May contest – Time Beast will follow soon, so keep an eye out 😉 gork ya later!

Results of the Warlocks Journal Contest

Happy New Year! I hope you all made it safely and happily into 2014, with a great new years evening feast! I am announcing the winner of the Warlocks Journal Contest December – Woman in ice, today, to kickstart the new year here on Tiny Gork. We had three great entries with some great imagination, thanks to all participants and voters! so here we go… the winner of the 3rd Warlocks Journal is *Drumroll*… Phil Nichols! Entry #1: The Ice Fey The Ice Fey are the followers of the renegade…

Merry Christmas

Ho Ho Ho ! I hope you all had a very merry christmas with your near and dear and your loot was epic! I spent mine with at my parents with my sister, her fiancee + his kids 5 and 9 years old along with my girlfriend through 7 months now and her two boys 14 and 16. A big merry evening with moms homecooking, yummy! Today 25th we then carried on with the traditional danish 1st day of christmas feasting. It’s where we set the table with hot stuff…

Gork Stuff postponed

Tiny Gork is hard at work in the editing room, he locked himself away after the salvatore interview and i haven’t heard from him since! So i am waiting patiently for the bootcamp project – Galens Gamble to be edited, it seems to be pulling teeth.

Regular Coloumns now on Tiny Gork

Greets! It has only been 1½ month since i started this site, so im still getting into the hang of things. But now, i have come up with a few regular coloumn posts for the near future. Thursdays – Bootcamp: I will ramble about my Bootcamp project, an adventure featuring the new Time Hunters. Fridays – Demonwars: The next few fridays i will write some thoughts on the playtest package from DemonwarsRPG. Tuesdays – Gork stuff: Tuesdays i will bring you Gork People(npcs), Gork Armoury(items of power) and other such…

Comments comments

Sooooooooooo…. it just came to my attention that “Register to comment” was enabled on the site, that was a mistake and never the intention. So that has been remedied and fixed and changed! Comment with all your Hearts Desires! cheers!

Tinker Room Improvements

Today i started working on setting up a newsletter service via Mailchimp. Got a template worked up and did a few test runs, even got Thunderbird installed on my laptop and worked up a template that resemblences the site. The newsletter is still in beta test stage though. 😉 I decided to include cateogries on the widget panel just hope it wont be too much of a clutter or i’ll change it to a dropdown menu perhaps. I am considering working up a todo list here on site so people…

The Future of Tiny Gork’s Tinkering Room

I want to talk abit about what ambitions i have for the future of TinyGork. I want to create content for table RPG gamemasters, content that can be fitted into any World, any setting, any rule system. We are talking adventures, dungeons, loot, npc’s, organisations, factions, but in a way that YOU the gamemaster will put your personal touch on the stats. I want to focus on story and descriptions and leave the mechanics up to you, i won’t rule out that some system specifics will turn up in the…

TinyGork who ?

Been tinkering with how to best let you know who I am, what i am about and why this site has been created. In the page About Gork you can read abit about who i am and why i created this site and what i hope to accomplish with it. The story of the shadow council contains a short version of the background for what i will be tinkering with.  

Setting up Gork shop

So, here we are, setting up a new tinker shop for meself. A starter Gork tinker shop does not need much, for now we gots a table, a hammer and a fridge. So now our humble beginnings can.. well.. erhm.. Begin!   Laters!