Personal celebration

One year anniversary with my girlfriend! How time flies faster than I can comprehend sometimes. It seems like just a few weeks ago we announced our relationship to the world. We have spent all but a handful of days together and it looks like I’m going to eventually move in with her. She is very Continue Reading

Warlocks Journal – May Prize announcement

Awesome news! The winning prize for the coming Warlocks Journal Contest – May has been generously sponsored by “The store has the lowest commission charge for publishers then any other online store. This means when you purchase from them, more money goes into the publisher’s pocket! Increasing our support for ultimately the writers Continue Reading

Warlocks Journal contest returns

During the month of May will yet again host a round of the site hopping Warlocks Journal Contest. This time the contest will relate to the organisation, known as Time Hunters. You can read more about Time Hunters in the FreeG pdf book by Tiny Gork, see the links below: Drivethru link link Continue Reading

Bootcamp #7 – pulling through

It has been some time since i last adressed my on going grind of editing the bootcamp project Galens Gamble story adventure. Yesterday it felt like i finally pushed through the grind, although i am nowhere near perfection i am now feeling more content with the current draft. So after re-writing, re-structuring, re-arranging and deleting Continue Reading

TinyGork Release #2

Salutations! Tiny Gork has finally pulled out the second edition of the Essential Shadow Council series. In the first issue Tiny Gork introduced us to the concept of the Shadow Council. How they formed and internal conflict arose. Now we get more stories about the conflict, the seeds planted to start it and the inevitable Continue Reading

Gork Stuff postponed

Tiny Gork is hard at work in the editing room, he locked himself away after the salvatore interview and i haven’t heard from him since! So i am waiting patiently for the bootcamp project – Galens Gamble to be edited, it seems to be pulling teeth.

Warlocks Journal – 2nd monthly contest

The Warlock’s Journal Vicki Porter from Tabletop Adventures described the journal as: The Warlock’s Journal is an interdimensional book that teleports from place to place, recording knowledge in whatever location it finds itself. The places it goes may be widely separated in time and space and even be in different dimensions or alternate realities. The Continue Reading

Time Hunters

Exciting news! I have just decided that i want to give you MORE in the upcomming FreeG ebook “Essential Shadow Council origins part #1”! I am currently working up the organisation called “Time Hunters” and you will get it together with the first ever book from Tiny Gork. I wanted to give you something you Continue Reading