Spring Cleaning

Hello there, It’s time for some spring cleaning, my host service provider one.com informed me that my email was sending out spam. It could very possibly be that my wordpress was hacked. So, i’ve changed some passwords, installed some security plugins and now i am going to delete the 3000+ user subscribers on the site. Continue Reading

Warlock’s Journal #27 May 2016 – True Names

Warlock’s Journal May contest We are once again visited by the Warlock’s Journal, the travelling book of wonderous knowledge. This time the Warlock’s Journal is focused on very specific and mysterious topic, True Names! It is known, that throughout the ages, the eons and the multiverse there has always been one universal truth which seems Continue Reading

We have a Winner of the 20th Warlock’s Journal

!CONGRATULATIONS! Nikolaj Gedionsen won the contest with his Time Loop Chronomancy Spell, Nikolaj will recieve a license for the RealmWorks GM campaign manager by Lonewolf Development! A big thank you to all who participated and voted and a big thank you to Lonewolf Development for sponsoring the prize for the 20th Warlock’s Journal contest. You Continue Reading

Warlocks Journal #20 – May 2015 – Chronomancy

Salutations all! April’s contest of the Warlocks Journal just wrapped up at Tales of a GM showing us the next scheme of Hanna Crip to unravel the multiverse. Congratulations to Emil Vahlgren with her “False Gods” scheme. The wandering Warlocks Journal The Warlocks Journal is an interdimensional book that teleports from place to place, recording Continue Reading

New Release- BootCamp product – Galens Gamble Adventure

Hola! It’s my great pleasure to announce that my Bootcamp project Galens Gamble is now released on Drivethrustuff -> Buy Galens Gamble My newsletter subscribers have had a little week’s headstart with a discount, but now it’s ready for you too! Galens Gamble is the product of the Bootcamp course i took part in, building Continue Reading

EU VAT reversed 2015

It appears that EU wants to reverse the VAT charging from 2015, as a seller of digital products/services in EU selling to EU customers you will have to pay your tax in the customers country at that countrys VAT rate. I signed a petition against this legislation, as it strikes me as a hampering on Continue Reading

Warlocks Journal #15 – Design a Dungeon Room

The Warlocks Journal has now appeared at Soulguardianpub.com and this time it is collecting dungeon rooms, it appears it is trying to find as many dungeon rooms with challenges to overcome as possible. Entries should follow the following format Name of the Room Description Challenge Other Important Information (optional) Details of the contest This are Continue Reading

Bootcamp Project – onto the battlefield of typography!

Typography & Scribus Finally deciding that i’m done editing and re-writing, the project has now moved onto design/layout/typography. So I have tried to educate myself abit on those topics, a really good place for me to start was MB’s practical typography webbook Butterick’s Practical Typography and i also purchased a used copy of the Non-designers Continue Reading

Hello September!

It seems only like 2 weeks ago it was middle of january and i was buying my second car, a week later i began sleeping over at my girlfriends appartment daily… now it is September and i have been living here officially for 3 months and Christmas is soon knocking on the door again. I Continue Reading

Warhammer smackdown

This Saturday I am co-organising a warhammer 40k event. It’s a big battle with 9 armies and 11 players.  Each army is roughly 2500pt maybe a bit more. I am also participating in the battle wit her my homemade space marine chapter Doom Lions.  The last few months have been busy with assembling and converting Continue Reading

New Tiny Gork releases on DrivethruRPG.com

Hola, this is a short service announcement 😉 My first release on DrivethruRPG.com was in October 2013, it was the essential shadow council origin bundled with time Hunters sourcebook. I have chosen to split them up as well, so each has its seperate listing on drivethrurpg.com. This was mainly for future bundle oppertunities with new Continue Reading

New release on Drivethrurpg by Tiny Gork

Greetings! We recently closed the Warlocks Journal contest of May 2014. I have released the previous Tiny Gork host of the Warlocks Journal of December 2013 – Woman in ice on Drivethrurpg.com. The PDF contains all the entries submitted for the December contest and is FREE. drivethru link: http://bit.ly/1hymxA2 May contest – Time Beast will Continue Reading