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Random Table – GM response

Which GM Response ? Turn out it is time for another Random table from Tiny Gork, this one was not on my todo list or planned in any way. The other day i saw a mention of Venger Satanis’ 33% rule for GM Determining if something a player proposes would fly or not, in an interview with VS. I have not watched the youtube vid yet though. But out of the blue, on this grey fall day, a table of responses to player inquiry came to me. Editors note: if…

Random table – Goblin Den loot

I wanted to test a site called Skreened where you can design a t-shirt and sell it. You can set how many dollars you profit from selling a design and the rest of the cost are added on top of that. So i created a random table of loot that could be could be found in a Goblin Den and slabbed it on the back of a T-shirt Skreened. Goblin Den loot 1. Broken kobold femur. 2. Shiny but worthless ring. 3. Necklace of teeth. 4. Bright coloured stones. 5….