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Winner of the 27th Warlocks Journal

Time is upon us, i have recieved and compiled the submissions for the 27th Warlocks Journal contest. I have also chosen which is the winner who wins the prize: Lost Pages Bundle The winner had the guile to butter me up by using and referencing Background lore from my blog post about the Nel’dratha Dragons, i confess it most likely worked. But the deviousness of the ‘why’ behind the hiding place of the TRUE NAME spoke to me, not so much the hiding place itself but the reasoning for it,…

We have a Winner!

Results are in. The Warlocks Journal contest may 2014 has a definitive Winner. Thank you to everyone who read the entries and voted for their favorite and thanks to all who chose to participate. I enjoyed all the entries, the creativity and imagination that went into designing these beasts. I tried to set a narrow scope and focus for this contest as i often find myself that too wide scope presents me with too many options and i tend to stagnate in the process of choosing one of those. It…

Warlock Voting!

Salutations fellow journal students. I have finished a small stack of documents with the interresting entries that I was able to procure from the Journal before it vanished once more. Handle these documents with care, they contain great secrets! Time Beast voting – May 2014 PDF vote here

Submission closed

The Warlocks Journal has been closed and no further entries can be made, now we wait for Tiny Gork to sort the entries and present them to our voting process. A small hurdle showed up spontaneously as I got the oppertunity to go to see Xmen future past 1 day before the regular premier ! So I expect the voting pdf to be ready before the weekend if all goes well 🙂 These are some real imaginative entries, it is exciting to see what people take away from such a…

Closing of the pages!

We are now counting the hours till the journal slams shut it pages once again to travel across the multiverse to another host. The entries recieved so far are full of imagination and very alternative, it’s a treat to recieve such creativity in the mail! I am excited to see what other creative thoughts my Little contest have provoked out there. There’s still time! write it, send it, win it! 😉 Gork ya later!

The End is Near!

Tomorrow 20th of May is the last day to submit YOUR time beast! Monster creation is not the easiest thing in the World and i know from personal experience that creating without stats for others to use does not make it any easier! That is why i did my best to narrow the scope, aid focus along with being able to provide some background inspiration via the Time Hunters. I am looking forward to see what kind of creations was inspired this time! Gork ya later!

Warlocks Journal Contest – Beast of Time – May 2014

The strange and mysterious wandering journal of a long forgotten warlock has once more found its way to the tinkering room of Tiny Gork. This time the journal reveals to us the nature of a very destictive beast, a beast born of the time flow. The beast is particularly feared and respected by the time hunters who frequently travels the time flow in hunt of time meddlers. Only a few hunters have ever faced this beast and lived to tell about it, only one of them killed it. Contest: Your…

Gork beasts #2 – Nel’dratha Dragons

Origins The Dragons known throughout the multiverse as the Nel’dratha Dragons all have one origin, the one Nel’dratha Dragon known as the Queen or Mother of the Nel’dratha. She was the Mount and familiar of a powerful wizard, he helped her chase a dream. She dreamed of improving upon the immortality of dragons, she wanted more. Together they found a way to bind the power of dragons, undeath and shadow together into one. The Ritual was done at a secret place of power, part of the ritual required the wizard…

Gork Beasts #1 – Lost Hounds of Triasli

Lost Hounds of Triasli The Triasli Beast is an old legend of a gigantic diabolic 8 legged predator roaming the time flow. She was placed there as a guardian by an ancient time lord, before the first time Hunters, guarding time against time travelers. Throughout the planes the offspring of Triasli have been seen around strange rifts, assaulting anyone nearby. They pounce from out of nowhere with their 600 Pound, 6 strong legs and a head with an oversized mouth full of 2 sets of razorsharp teeth. They also have…