GM Nostalgia #6 – Lich’s Pet Dungeon lvl 2 – Room Stuffings!

It’s time to follow up on the last GM Nostalgia post: GM Nostalgia #5 Lich’s Pet Dungeon Lvl 2 Map with room stuffings. Yet more young me flavor, not a whole lot of room descriptions, i was much more focused on what monster would be facing the adventurers next! Alot of it feels malplaced and Continue Reading

New Release- BootCamp product – Galens Gamble Adventure

Hola! It’s my great pleasure to announce that my Bootcamp project Galens Gamble is now released on Drivethrustuff -> Buy Galens Gamble My newsletter subscribers have had a little week’s headstart with a discount, but now it’s ready for you too! Galens Gamble is the product of the Bootcamp course i took part in, building Continue Reading

Bootcamp Project – onto the battlefield of typography!

Typography & Scribus Finally deciding that i’m done editing and re-writing, the project has now moved onto design/layout/typography. So I have tried to educate myself abit on those topics, a really good place for me to start was MB’s practical typography webbook Butterick’s Practical Typography and i also purchased a used copy of the Non-designers Continue Reading

New release on Drivethrurpg by Tiny Gork

Greetings! We recently closed the Warlocks Journal contest of May 2014. I have released the previous Tiny Gork host of the Warlocks Journal of December 2013 – Woman in ice on The PDF contains all the entries submitted for the December contest and is FREE. drivethru link: May contest – Time Beast will Continue Reading