GM Nostalgia #6 – Lich’s Pet Dungeon lvl 2 – Room Stuffings!

It’s time to follow up on the last GM Nostalgia post: GM Nostalgia #5 Lich’s Pet Dungeon Lvl 2 Map with room stuffings. Yet more young me flavor, not a whole lot of room descriptions, i was much more focused on what monster would be facing the adventurers next! Alot of it feels malplaced and Continue Reading

GM Nostalgia #3 – The Lich’s Pet Dungeon Rooms 21-41

Hi again, I’ve been busy, last week launching Galens Gamble adventure while typing up the next 20 rooms of the Lich’s Pet Dungeon and I’m also working on another product “Gork Sketches” a collection of my character sketches. But ontowards the dungeon content! There are a few empty room in this part, maybe you got Continue Reading

GM Nostalgia #1 – My First Dungeon Map

I’m sure if you have ever been a GameMaster you sometimes suffer from the same nostalgic rememberance as i do. That particular dungeon, or that monster you created yourself or the first time you killed a playercharacter. I was going through my box with old, oooold papers from all my roleplaying years. It was quite Continue Reading