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Galens Gamble Bootcamp in Hindsight

I have had a series of posts about my Bootcamp project experiences over the last year or so and today I’m taking a look back on my BootCamp Project Galens Gamble. I decided to participate in the first Bootcamp course made by Johnn Four and when I started the BootCamp project it sounded fairly straight forward and manageble. I couldn’t wait to get started! Easy pickings Pick a product Come up with an idea for it Write it up Edit it over a few defined phases Lay it out Publish…

New Release- BootCamp product – Galens Gamble Adventure

Hola! It’s my great pleasure to announce that my Bootcamp project Galens Gamble is now released on Drivethrustuff -> Buy Galens Gamble My newsletter subscribers have had a little week’s headstart with a discount, but now it’s ready for you too! Galens Gamble is the product of the Bootcamp course i took part in, building a RPG book from no idea to release. Normally the course instructs this over 30 days, I took little over a year, however I did all the artwork myself, as well as editing and typography….

Bootcamp Project – onto the battlefield of typography!

Typography & Scribus Finally deciding that i’m done editing and re-writing, the project has now moved onto design/layout/typography. So I have tried to educate myself abit on those topics, a really good place for me to start was MB’s practical typography webbook Butterick’s Practical Typography and i also purchased a used copy of the Non-designers design book. All alongside learning to use the Scribus software. So i’m now knee deep in laying out Galens Gamble in Scribustrying to apply all the rules of typography i can remember. It has taken…

Bootcamp – Galens Gamble

The end is fast approaching! I have seen Tiny Gork being deep in his work on the next book, the bootcamp project that was to result in a product is finally about to reach its destination. From what i can gather of my talks and sneakpeaks over his shoulder, Tiny Gork has researched an event concerning a mercenary band led by a man named Galen. Tiny Gork is calling it “Galens Gamble” and it’s about a band of adventurers that stood up to Galen and his mercenaries in a moment…